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Long List of Graded Repertoire with Extended Techniques
for unaccompanied Flute, Piccolo, Alto and Bass Flute

by Helen Bledsoe

Some of the entries are incomplete. If you would like to add any information, or if you have a piece for unaccompanied flute you would like to add, please send an email to hbledsoe at helenbledsoe dot com. Corrections are also welcome, this is not a primary source.

The division of Easy, Moderate, Difficult, and Very Difficult is subjective. The technical difficulty of a work and the difficulty of the extended techniques are not always the same level, but I have attempted to take both into consideration.

I (Easy) Moderate tempo(s), straightforward rhythms (or rhythms completely free), mainly diatonic. All extended techniques, 1/4 or microtones are slow, so there is time to set them up.

II (Medium) Faster tempos, but the really rapid passages are diatonic/chromatic (no difficult microtonal passages), may include the more unusual time signatures like 5/8 or 7/8, but otherwise rhythmically straightforward

III (Difficult) Includes rapid passages that may have some micro- or 1/4 tones, difficult multiphonics or other extended techniques, complex rhythms, may use 4th octave notes above high D

IV (Very Difficult) May include rapid micro- or 1/4 tone passages, high degree of rhythmic complexity, extremes of range (may include extended passages above high D), difficult multiphonics, rapid changes from one extended technique to another, and a general high level of energy. These pieces should be real tests of endurance

****** Solos, Collections and Studies for Unaccompanied FLUTE ******

Kalevi Aho - Solo III, 1990 (Novello and Company). Quarter tones, key clicks III

Robert Aitken - Icicle 1977 (Éditions Musicales Transatlantiques : collection "la Flûte contemporaine" Artaud.

Robert Aitken - Plainsong (Universal Edition) multiphonics, air sounds, singing and playing, key clicks (also w/ tongue stop), glissandi. Better to have open holes for glissandi. Uses low B, but it can be omitted. II

Amy, Gilbert-Trois Etudes

Louis Applebaum - Essay (Canadian Music Centre). Approx. 3 min., uses singing/playing, pitch bending and easy multiphonics.

Mark Applebaum - Entre Funerailles (2001) (manuscript) tongue ram, harmonic trills, percussive sounds, multiphonics, some 4th octave notes. III-

Cecilia Arditto - musica invisible bailarina (Edition Plante).

Pierre-Yves Artaud - 4 exercices pour la respiration circulaire : applicables à tous les instruments à vent (Editions Musicales Transatlantiques, 1985) Cotage : E.M.T.1570 Editions Musicales Transatlantiques.

Rafal Augustyn - Varesiana (Brevis) 1/4 tones, key clicks, singing and playing, gliss, lip pizz., multiphonics . open-hole C ft. II

Lydia Ayers - Time’s Graffiti, Lucky Calligraphy, 2006 (NFA Library)

Richard Barrett - Vale (score available 2011 ca. 9 Minutes

Richard Rodney Bennett - Six Tunes for the Instruction of Singing Birds (Novello) fluttertongue. *SF I+

Luciano Berio - Sequenza I 1958 (Zerboni/Universal) fluttertongue, multiphonic. *SF III-

Christian Billian - Felgaufschwung- eine Verlaufskizze, 2002, (manuscript from Composer) timbral trills, glissandi, flutter tongue voice effects, microtones, air sounds, slap tongue, tongue ram III+

Marcin Blazewicz - Thanatos 1983-85 (manuscript). Key clicks, air sounds, tongue pizz, circular breathing, tongue ram, multiphonics, singing and playing. Optional use of amplification and reverberation. III+

Magnus Blondal Johansson -Solitude

Thierry Blondeau-Bonsai

Sonia Bo - L'Arbitro, il Merlo, il Vaporetto che va a Ischia..., flute, 2000 (self-published?) speaking

Maarten Bon - Whistle for a Friend (Donemus) fluttert., 1/4 tones, timbral notes, gliss., key clicks, some theatrical elements. *SF III

Massimo Botter - Vert Foncé (?) key click, lip pizz, tongue ram, singing, whistle tones. III

Gerhard Braun - Monolied I (edition Gravis) 1998. air sound, flz, tongue pizz, harmonics, key slap, singing and playing, tongue ram, trumpet embouchure, multiphonics.

Todd Brief - Canto (American Composer's Alliance) harmonics, whistle tones, microtones, multiphonics, key clicks, air noises. III+

Elizabeth Brown - Trillium (Quetzal). Pitch bending, multiphonics, microtonal/timbral trills Written for the 2000 NFA High School Competition Michael Colquhoun - Charanga, 1993 (NFA Library)

Regis Campo - Vitrail du Temps (Les Editions Chant du Monde) singing and playing, air sounds, 1/4 tones, harmonics. open-hole C ft. III

Elliott Carter, Scrivo in vento (Hendon Music), flutter-tonguing and multiphonics.

Fabrizio Casti - Morbide aure dell'aria

Kee-Young Chong - The Lost Psalm of the Abyss 2003 (self published?) multiphonics, air sounds, pizzicati, speaking, harmonics

Ian Clarke - Great Train Race (IC Music/Just Flutes Edition, 1993/2001) residual/breathy fast tonguing, multiphonics, singing & playing, lip bending, explosive harmonics and an optional circular breathing section. C Foot and B Foot versions available.

Ian Clarke - Zoom Tube (IC Music/Just Flutes Edition, 1999) jet whistle, quartertones, multiphonics, note bending. Requires open-hole B foot. I+/II-

Sid Corbett - Cactus Flower (Moeck) gliss., 1/4 tones, key clicks, whistle tones, harmonics. II

Bret Dean - Demons 2004

Chris Dench - Sulle Scale della Fenice - (Universal??) highly microtonal. Recorded by Laura Chislett III

Simon Desorgher - Concert Studies (United Music Publishers Ltd.) 1985. Concert Study I (....speed within stillness), microtonal trills/ Concert Study II (....many within one), multiphonics and multiphonic trills/ Concert Study III(...strength from softness), microtones, lip attacks, lip buzz, whistle tones, harmonics, glissandi, no. III to be played on closed hole flute. III-

Marco DiBari - Going message air

Robert Dick, Fish are Jumping, 1999 (MMB Music)

Robert Dick - Flying Lessons, Volume I - Six Contemporary Concert Etudes Playing Score S110005 Instructional Cassette S110005T (MMB Music) Short pieces use multiphonics, glissandi, percussive sonorities, singing with playing I - III

Robert Dick - Flying Lessons, Volume II - Six Contemporary Concert Etudes Playing Score S110006 (MMB Music) - Instructional Cassette S110006T Collection of etudes including Indian music, quasi-serial and quasi-minimal, and an "electric" blues in the style of Jimi Hendrix. I - IV

European Edition of Flying Lessons Playing Score S110007 Instructional Cassette S110007T

For Plateau Model, C-Foot Flute. Four etudes drawn from the two volumes of Flying Lessons. Instructional cassette: 90 minutes, chrome, Dolby B. I - II*SF

Robert Dick - Afterlight (1973/84) (MMB Music) Instructional Cassette S110008T Multiphonics, jet whistle, harmonics. II

Robert Dick - Flames Must Not Encircle Sides (1980) (MMB MusicS110010) 90 Minute Instructional Cassette S110010T Combines multiphonics and circular breathing, continuous multiple trills III

Robert Dick - Lookout (1989) (MMB Music S110011) 60 Minute Instructional Cassette S110011T melodic rock solo for flute that uses singing and playing and easy multiphonics. I

Robert Dick - Or (1984) (MMB Music S110009) Instructional Cassette S110009T small-interval multiphonics, sometimes a quarter-tone or less. II

Robert Dick - Tone Development Through Extended Techniques (MMB Music)S110003 (ISBN 0-939407-00-0) Daily studies designed to enable the flutist to produce optimum resonance and to develop the embouchure strength and sensitivity to confidently play multiphonics, whisper tones, natural harmonics and other extended timbres while simultaneously developing the power, color and control of the tone for traditional music.

Joseph Diermaier - Fünf Bilder (Five Images) after paintings by Arnold Schönberg, 1996 (Universal Edition) air sounds, pizz, key noise, harmonics. I+

James Dillon - Sgothan (C.F. Peters) harmonics, glissandi, lip pizzicato, tongue ram, singing and playing, whistle tones, circular breathing, flutter tongue, highly microtonal. IV

Joel-François Durand - "par le feu recueilli. . ." (Durand, Paris) air noises, quarter-tones, lip pizzicato III

Pascal Dusapin -Ici (Salabert) 1986. circular breathing, highly microtonal, Grade?

Pascal Dusapin -I Pesci (Salabert) 1989 microtonal, Grade?

Michael Ellison - Meditation, Invocation and Allegro (1996) (Manuscript) harmonics, multiphonics, singing and playing, whistle tones, microtones. III

John Elmsly - Three DoublesII, Light and Shade (Publ.?) Timbral trills, harmonics, flutter tongue, multiphonics

James Erber - Traces C (available from composer) 2006. microtones, harmonics, flutter tongue, multiphonics, lip pizzicato, tongue ram, glissani, air sounds IV-

Ivan Fedele -Donax (Zerboni -sugarmusic) 1992, IV?

Ivan Fedele - Apostrophe 2000 Jet Whistles, Various air noises

Ivan Fedele -Dedica 2000

Brian Ferneyhough - Cassandra's Dream Song (Peters) lip pizz., key clicks, microtones, fluttert., harmonics, singing and playing, timbral notes. *SF IV-

Brian Ferneyhough - Carcieri d'Invenzione IIb (Peters) highly microtonal, fluttert., lip pizz., key clicks, harmonics, microtonal trills. IV

Brian Ferneyhough - Unity Capsule (Peters) fluttert., extended use of vocal sounds and key clicks (music is notated in 3 staves, one for "normal" notes, another for the key noises, and a third for the vocal sounds) IV+

Michael Finnissy - Sikangnuqa (formerly publ. United Music Publishers, now available from composer) 1979 microtonal. IV

Cynthia Folio - Flute Fantasy (manuscript). Multiphonics, pitch bend, flutter tongue

Tomoko Fukui - A color dong in B

Kazuo Fukushima - Mei (Suivi Zerboni) glissandi, fluttert., quarter tones, and key clicks I+ *SF?

Kazuo Fukushima - Shun-san "spring glory" (Murumatsu, Inc.) fluttert., multiphonics, gliss., II+ *SF?

Kazuo Fukushima - Requiem (Suivi Zerboni) fluttert., gliss, timbral trills. I *SF

Ulrich Gasser - Papierblüten (Paper Blooms) 24 pieces as intro to new music. Explanations in French, English, and German. 1/4 tones, glissandi, harmonics, fluttertongue, singing and playing, multiphonics. I - II *SF

Ulrike Geissler - ...durch den Spiegel in ein neues Licht (... through a Mirror into a New Light) (Zimmerman) microtones, gliss., key clicks, lip pizz., singing and playing, multiphonics. III+

Ada Gentile - Pour Pierre-Yves (Ricordi) key clicks, pizz., air sounds, 1/4 tones, harmonics, fluttert. *SF III

Armando Gentilucci - In Acque Solitaire (Ricordi), fluttert., air sounds, harmonic trills *SF II+

Stefano Gervasoni - Ravine 2001 (Suivi Zerboni), glissandi, smorzato, harmonics, pizz, whistling, air sounds III+

Denis Gougeon - L'oiseau blessé (les éditions Doberman-yppan) 1951 microtones, flutter tongue, percussive sounds, whistle tone, pizzicato

Yoshio Hachimura - Maniera opus 14. (1980) quarter tones, fluttertongue, key clicks, shakuhachi/noh-kan accents, air sonds, glissando, smorzato III-

Christobald Halffter - Debla (Universal Edition) 1/4 tones *SF III

Neville Hall - And, out of nothing, a breathing, hot breath on my ankles 2000. Quarter tones, alternate fingerings, glissandi, fluttertongue, multiphonics. In addition there is non standard notation for: vibrato, trill speed, breat noise and rhythm. Optional amplification.

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati - Interpolation Mobile per flûte (1, 2, 3 flutes), 1959 (Universal Edition) fluttertongue, fragmented notation, reading notation retrograde. III

Gerlof, Heidegger, Braun editors - Compendium 1 for flute solo (Ricordi). A mixture of short tunes and etudes from all epochs

John Heiss - Etudes for solo flute, op. 20 (JBE and Son Music Publishers). Concert etudes that feature many techniques including gliss, harmonics, multiphonics, key clicks, etc.

Jennifer Higdon - Rapid Fire (Higdon) fluttert., harmonics, some theatrics, including stomping on firesnaps. III

Linda Holland - Easing into Extended Techniques (Con Brio). This set of books includes instruction and short sample pieces using sing/play, harmonics, multiphonics, pitch bends & finger slides and microtones.

Heinz Holliger - (t)aire(e) - (publ. Schott's Soehne, Mainz) air noises, glissandi, timbral notes, quartertones, harmonics, jet whistle, key clicks, tongue ram, various techniques inhaling while mouthpiece is covered, such as trumpet buzz and inhaled whistles. Normal whistle tones and whistling while playing (there is a big difference!), singing and playing, and circular breathing (can be played on open-holed flute with C-foot) III

Heinz Holliger - Sonate (in)solit(air)e, 1995 - 96 (Schott) Suite of short pieces with humorous titles - each using a different extended technique. multiphonics, slap stacatto, tongue ram, air sounds, jet whistle, trumpet enbouchure, whistle tones, whistling in emboucure hole, glissandi, 1/4 tones, 1/8 tones. I - III+

Toshio Hosokawa - Sen I , 1984 - (?) various breath effects, various vocal effects, multiphonics, tongue pizz and tongue ram, fluttertongue, microtones. Requires amplification if performed in a large hall. III?

Nicolaus A. Huber - First Play Mozart, 1993 (Breitkopf & Härtel) 1/4 tones, air sounds, prescribed movements for arms, graphic elements to score, various colored articulations [D] [H] [T], multiphonics, tongue ram, fluttertongue II+

Klaus Huber - Ein Hauch von Unzeit I, 1972 (Breitkopf & Härtel) harmonics, multiphonics. II+ *SF

Philippe Hurel - Eolia - (publ. Billaudot) key clicks, speaking while playing, tongue ram, glissandi, multiphonics, fluttertongue, whistle tones. III

Philippe Hurel - Loops - 2001 (Henry Lemoine) lip pizz, quarter-tones, flutter tongue. III

Toshi Ichiyanagi - In a Living Memory, 2000 (Schott) 1/4 tones, harmonics, key clicks, multiphonics. III-

Toshi Ichiyanagi - Still time IV - in memory of Takemitsu, 1998 (Schott) 1/4 tones, multiphonics, II

Georg Ittzes - Totem (publ.?) 2011 multiphonics, air sounds.

Betsy Jolas - Episode I 1964 (Leduc) Betsy Jolas - Episode Second: Ohne Worte 1977 (Heugel) harmonics, fluttert., multiphonic trills, 1/4 tones. open hole C ft. II

Vadim Karassikov - The Event Soaring Above Itself, 2000 (B&aauml;renreiter) air noises inside flute, tounge pizz. Notation tricky to decipher. II - III

Marlaena Kessick - Tecnica Avanzata (Advanced Technique), 1990. Studies for Harmonics, multiphonics, timbral trills, flissandi, quarter tones, whistle tones, flz, key clicks, tongue ram, singing and playing and circular breathing. Italian text only.

Motoharu Kawashima - Manic Psychosis (Japan Composers Society) key clicks, fluttertongue, harmonics, tongue ram, whistle tones, singing, BUZZ (See Holliger - "t'aire").* SF IV

Klaus-Dieter Köhler-Giogofski - Fantasie op. 16, 1998 (Zimmerman) harmonics. I+

Shirish Korde - Tenderness of Cranes (Neuma Publications) Breath noises, shakuhachi sounds, gliss., harmonics, fluttertongue, multiphonics, microtones. III

Anne La Berge - Revamper - (Frog Peak Music) singing and playing, one multiphonic, harmonics (*SF but need B-foot!) I

Anne La Berge - Rollin (Frog Peak Music) circular breathing, multiphonics, harmonics. II+

Bernhard Lang - Schrift 1.2 1998 (Zeitvertrieb, Wien) Tongue Ram, key klicks, singing and playing, multiphonics, harmonics, whistle tones. III+

Mario Lavista - Canto del Alba. Multiphonics.

Burt Levy - Orbs (American Composer's Alliance) key clicks, multiphonics, harmonics, gliss. II

Lowell Liebermann - Eight Pieces {each movement can be played ad lib on C flute, alto, piccolo or bass flute] (Theodore Presser) key clicks. II

Theo Loevendie - Strands (Peer Musik) 1/4 tones, fluttert. *SF III

Denis Lorrain - Du jour, la nuit (Lemoine). whistle tones

Phyllis Louke - Extended Techniques-Double the Fun, 2003 (ALRY)

Phyllis Louke - Extended Techniques-Solos for Fun, 2006 (ALRY)

Klaus-Steffen Mahnkopf, La terreur d’ange nouveau (Publ?, 1997/99), air noises, lip and tongue pizz, tongue, ram, smorzato. Available with comupter recording study guide in 3 speeds and score with rhythmical divisions.

Klaus-Steffen Mahnkopf, succolarity (1989) multiphonics, microtones IV

Bruno Mantovani - Früh - (Editions Henry Lemoine) 1998 air sounds, bisbigliando, key clicks III+

Donald Martino - Quodlibets I (Dantalian) fluttert., harmonics.II

Donald Martino - Quodlibets II (Dantalion), fluttertonguing II

Istvan Matuz - Six Studies per Flauto Solo (Akkord Music Publications) II -IV
  1) ...L(Elek)zem - for prepared flute, C ft.
  2) Head Join(t)s Footjoint - played with head and (B)footjoint only ("Body-less flute")
  3) Sakura-Sakura - flute is played shakuhachi style without headjoint *SF
  4) "Blaset, Bla-aset..." - balloon attached to end of flute (C or B ft.)
  5) Dies Irae - for prepared flute with E-mechanism
  6) Headlessness - theatrical satire on Mozart's Concerto in G. Flute is played without headjoint and then with a saxophone mouthpiece.

Andreas Mazur - Sénanque (Zimmermann, 2006). Uses sounds from individual parts of the flute (head-middle-foot joints) as explained in Mazur's book Pars-pro-Toto (see Texts).

Tristan Murail - Unanswered Questions (Ed. Lemoine?) microtones, harmonics, glissandi II

Fernando Mencherini - Semen

Aurèle Nicolet, ed. - Pro Musica Nova / Studies for Playing Avant-Garde Music (Breitkopf & Härtel) Collection with works by E. Denissov, P.H. Dittrich, F. Donatoni, H. Erbse (duo), H. Holliger, K. Huber, W. Hufschmidt, Y. Ioannidis, K. Lechner, Y Paporisz, A. Vieru, J. Wildberger. All works are short with brief intro to extended techniques. Some works for flutes other than C flute. I - III

Fabio Nieder - Waldgschroa (Ricordi) multiphonics, harmonics. III+

Fabio Nieder - Weihnachtsschmuck fur Philipp Walcher (Ricordi) harmonics.*SF III-

Emmanuel Nunes - Aura, 1983 - 89 (Ricordi) breath tones, slap tongue, key clicks, tongue ram, whistle tones, singing , harmonics fluttertongue, glissandi, multiphonics. IV

Helmut Oehring - Philipp [version for flute solo], 1988 (Boosey & Hawkes) air sounds, multiphonics, harmonics, singing and playing IV

Wil Offermans - For the Young Flutist, 1995. Easy Studies with New Techniques. I (Zimmermann)

Will Offermans - For the Contemporary Flutist - 12 Studies for the flute with explanations (English and German), 1997 (Zimmerman) Each etude explains a different technique.I - III

Will Offermans - Honami (Zimmerman) fluttertounge, note bending, multiphonics. *SF II

Will Offermans - Tsuro-no Sugomori [The Nesting of Cranes], 1999 (Zimmerman) Traditional shakuhachi melody arranged for flute . breath sounds, glissandi, finger vibrato, harmonics. II

Kent Olofsson - Trecia (Brevis) whistle tones, lip pizz., air sounds, tongue ram, key clicks, 1/4 tones, multiphonics. III-

Greg Pattillo - Four Etudes for Beatbox Flute III

Greg Pattillo - Three Beats for Beatbox Flute III

Brice Pauset - Euridice 1998 (Lemoine) microtones. II++

Maggi Payne - Inflections 1968 (available from composer) whistle tones, humming, harmonics, key clicks, stop tongue, air sounds, glissandi, multiphonics. Grade ?

Maggi Payne - Of All 2003 (available from composer) whistle tones, harmonics, key clicks, stop tongue, air sounds, glissandi, II+

Maggi Payne - Reflections 2003 (available from composer) whistle tones, humming, harmonics, key clicks, tongue ram, air sounds, glissandi, multiphonics. Grade III

Francesco Pennisi - Commento a Euro

Paulo Perezzani - L'Ombra dell'Angelo (Ricordi) harmonics and timbral trills. *SF III

Bernfried Pröve - Entzeichnung (Moeck) singing, shouting, fluttert., multiphonics, harmonic trills, key clicks, air sounds, jet whistle. III+

Robin de Raaff - Contradictie I - (publ. Donemus) harmonics, harmonic trills III- *SF

Shulamit Ran - East Wind 1988 (Theodore Presser) lip and finger glissandi, fluttert., tongue pizz, key click?, passages in 4th octave. III+

Jüri Reinvere - Ricordanza 2012. Quarter tones, bisbigliando, singing and speaking and playing, lip pizz multiphonics, air sounds.

Jüri Reinvere - Opposite of Thought 2007, whistle tones, harmonics. With tape

Arturo Rodas - Andino III (arcadia Editions - London) gliss., fluttert., key clicks, singing, whistle tones *SF I+

Kaija Saariaho - Laconisme de l'Aile (Jasemusiikkii - Edition Remers) - singing & playing, fluttertongue, multiphonic, whistle tone. *SF II

Dieter Salabert - Flute Music in 3 Movements , 2002 (Zimmerman) fluttertongue. II+

Salvatore Sciarrino - Opera per Flauto Vol 1 & 2 (Ricordi) (some pieces *SF): II-III+
  1) "All'Lure in una Lontananza" - multiphonic trills, harmonic multiphonics, air noises and jet whistle
  2) "Hermes" - harmonics, tongue rams, jet whistle
  3) "Come Vengono Prodotti gli Incantesimi?" (question mark is part of the title!) - tongue rams and jet whistle
  4) "Canzona di Ringraziamento" - harmonic trills and timbral trills
  5) "Venere che le Grazie la Fioriscono" - various techniques with the mouthpiece covered, key clicks, tongue ram
  6) "L'Orizzonte Luminoso de Aton" - breath noises (breathing in and out through the flute with the mouthpiece covered), multiphonics, tongue ram
  7) "Fra i Testi Dedicati alle Nubi" - multiphonics, fluttertongue with the mouthpiece covered, "Sciarrino whistles" (I don't know what else to call them, these are whistle tones produced with the mouthpiece covered, I've only seen them in pieces by Sciarrino and his students), and "key releases" (sort of the oposite of a key click, put your finger on the key silently and release it suddenly, it makes a slight mechanical noise, esp. if your flute needs a tune-up!)

Giacinto Scelsi - Quays , 1953 (Bärenreiter) for C flute or alto flute. fluttertongue, 1/4 tones, 1/8 tones. II ^SF

Alessandro Solbiati - As if to land

Michael Smetanin - Nontiscordardime III, 19--? (Australian Music Centre). Air sounds, gliss, flz., microtones, multiphonics. III

Harvey Sollberger - New Millenium Memo (American Music Publishers) 2000

Harvey Sollberger - Quodlibetudes for Solo Flute (McGinnis and Marx), described as "Thirteen fantasias and a coda designed to introduce the player--young or old, student or professional--to the expanded technical and conceptual worlds of the New Flute of the late twentieth century." Requires a French model with low B; spatial notation, pitched whisper, multiphonics, quarter-tone accidentals, harmonics, glissando, toneless attack, key clicks, whistle tone, tongue clicks, singing while playing, aeolian sounds, air rush, hiss, unpitched whispers, flutter-tonguing, microtonal or timbral trill, pitch slides; includes a study tape.

John Solum, ed. - The American Flute (MMB Music). Short concert peices by 7 different composers

Klaus Hinrich Stahmer - Aristofaniada for flute solo (Zimmermann). Uses Flutter tonguing, multiphonics, bending pitches, harmonics

Donald Stewart - os justi

Karlheinz Stockhausen - In Freundschaft - (publ. Stockhausen Verlag , CD also available) - N.B. most all of Stockhausen's music require some sort of theatrical preparation which can include: costume, prescribed movements, lighting. Must be performed from memory. This particular piece does not require costume or special lighting, but does have prescribed movements. Also uses harmonics, fluttertongue III*SF

Stockhausen - Freia - (Stockhausen verlag, CD or cassette available) see "In Freundschaft" above. This piece requires costume, movement, and if possible,lighting. Also, microtones, fluttertongue, air noises II+ *SF

Stockhausen - Xi - (Stockhausen verlag, CD available) I don't think this piece requires any theatrics or memorization. It uses microtones extensively III *SF

Peter Swinnen - Heckelspel (Lantro Music) multiphonics, fluttert., singing and playing, quarter-tones, whistle tones. III-

Toru Takemitsu, Air for flute 1996 (Schott), quarter tones, harmonics, flutter-tonguing; requires a flute with a low B.

Toru Takemitsu - Itenérant (Schott Japan) (can also be performed on alto flute) timbral trills, fluttertongue, timbral notes, multiphonics, whistle tones, glissandi II- *SF

Toru Takemitsu - Voice (Salabert) speaking and playing, breath-tones, multiphonics, timbral trills, timbral notes, harmonics, fluttertongue, glissandi, key clicks II+ *SF (although easier with open holes!)

Eric Tanguy - Still Waiting (Gerard Billaudot) 1/4 tones, fluttert., air sounds. open hole C ft. III

Eric Tanguy - Wadi 1992 (?) microtones, glissandi, flutter.

Terumichi Tanaka - Bai

Gilles Tremblay - Envol - Alléluia pour flûte seule (1986 édition Salabert) residual sounds, jet whistle, harmonics, multiphonics (2 easy one), whistle tones, tongue pizzicato

Reza Vali - Song (available from composer) extensive use of singing and playing, quarter- tones, harmonics, fluttertongue, glissando. This piece has been recorded by Laura Chislett "The Flute in Orbit" III- *SF

John Van Vuren - Incandescence (Edition modern). Key clicks, trills, flutter tonguing

Edgard Varese - Density 21.5 (Ricordi), first use of key clicks in flute repertoire.

Francois Veilhan - Sonorite et techniques contemporaines/Sound and contemporary Techniques for the flute (Lemoine). ( etudes and corresponding exercises

Theo Verbey - Hommage (Donemus) singing and playing. *SF II-

Christoph-Maria Wagner - Zoom , 2001 (Zimmerman) 1/4 tones, air sounds, fluttertongue, slap tongue, glissandi, singing. IV-

Christian Wolffe - Peace March I - Stop Using Uranium (C.F.Peters) harmonics, fluttert., foot stamping. *SF? III

Walter Wretschitsch - Flute Update, New Music for Young Flutists, 2007? (L. Doblinger (B. Herzmansky) KG Wien) Collection of works by W. Aigner, M. Augustin, R. Naifar, W. Offermans, H. Hüodl, G. Ahumanda, W. Puschnig, A. Wagendristel, M. Fuss

Charles Wuorinen - Variations I (McGinnis and Marx) fluttert., harmonics, key clicks. IV

Charles Wuorinen - Variations II (Peters) fluttertongue, 4th octave notes. IV

Joji Yuasa - Domain - (publ. Schott Japan) harmonics, multiphonics, glissandi, timbral notes, whistle tones, some speaking while playing *SF

Isang Yun - Sori (Bote & Bock) gliss., 1/4 tones, fluttert. *SF III

Hans Zender - Lo-Shu II (Bote & Bock) key clicks, multiphonics, air noises, speaking, fluttertongue *SF III+

Jos Zwannenburg - Solo for Prepared Flute (Ascolta Music Publications) flute is prepared with an end cork and cigarette paper under the A-key. whistle tones, "GHOST TONES", jet whistle, tongue ram. II+

Jos Zwannenburg - Seven Pieces for Solo Flute -To Study Extended Techniques (Donemus) harmonics, gliss., lip pizzicato, vocal colorizations, whistle tones, multiphonics, singing and playing.*SF II - III+

****** Solos that have piccolo, alto or bass flute ******

Malin Bang - alpha waves for solo alto flute. (publ?) Uses many "in the flute" sounds III+

Mary Bellamy - Semblance for bass flute. Multiphonics, harmonics, air tones IV-

Regis Campo - "...Doublees, una Voce..." for piccolo solo (Gerard Billaudot) 1/4 tones, gliss., harmonics, fluttert. III-

Aureliano Cattaneo - Visible for solo piccolo, 2002/03. Available from the composer. Microtones, glissandi, flz. II+

Chaya Czernowin - Ina for live solo bass flute and six pre-recorded flutes (including piccolo, C and bass flute) Score has all parts. 1988 (Ricordi) 1/4 tones, air sounds, lip pizz, key clicks, whistle tones, harmonics, timbral trill, tongue ram, glissandi, singing. IV

Xavier Dayer - To the Sea for alto flute 1999 (Editions Papillon) Harmonics, Tongue ram, fluttertongue, air sounds, multiphonics, whistle tones. III-

Chris Dench - 4 Darmstadt Aphorisms for C flute, piccolo, alto flute and bass flute" (Universal) highly microtonal IV

James Dillon - Diffraction - (C.F. Peters) Solo Piccolo, fluttert., harmonics, whistle tones, microtones. III+

Franco Donotoni - Nidi for solo piccolo (Ricordi) Fluttertongue, multiphonics. III

Joël-François Durand - "au-dela, cinq etudes pour piccolo" (Durand, Paris) quarter-tones and harmonics II+

Brian Ferneyhough "Superscriptio" piccolo solo (Peters) key clicks, quarter tones, microtonal trills. IV-

Michael Finnesy - First sign a sharp white moon... for alto flute. (1968-75) manuscript fron composer. flutter tongue II+

Michael Finnesy - Ulpirra, bass flute 1982-83, manuscript from composer. flutter tongue, microtones, glissandi II

Bernd Franke - Gesang (1), for flute and bass flute 1998 (Breitkopf & Härtel) 1/4 tones, pizzicato, harmonics, some movement while playing. II

Vinko Globokar - Monolith - for C flute, piccolo and bass flute (C.F. Peters) singing and playing, some theatrical elements. *SF IV-

Philippe Hersant - Cinque Miniatures for Alto flute (Durand) 1/4 tones, gliss., circular breathing, harmonics. II+

Heinz Holliger - Schlafgewölk (from Turm-Musik 1984) for alto flute ad libitum with Japanese temple bells or vibraphon, 2000 (Schott) 1/4 tones trills, glissandi II+

Klaus Huber - Plainte - Lieber Spaltet Mein Herz II , 1990/93 in memorium for alto flute (Ricordi) harmonics, 1/6 tones, lip pizz., slap tongue, key clicks fluttertongue, air sounds, multiphonics. III

Klaus K. Hübler - Palimpsest, Konjektionen for bass flute, 2003 (Tre Media Edition)1/4 tones, tablature notation, lip pizz. IV-

Betsy Jolas - Fusian - for C flute, piccolo and bass flute (Heugel)1/4 tones (includes a fingering chart for piccolo and bass 1/4 tones), key clicks, multiphonics, singing and playing *SF II+

Dominik Karski - open cluster M45 for amplified bass flute. 2003 (Australian Music Centre or available from composer) microtonal, key klicks, tongue pizz, tongue ram, color fingerings, multiphonics, use of voice IV-

Dominik Karski - streamforms for solo bass flute. 2003 (Australian Music Centre? or available from composer) microtonal, key klicks, tongue pizz, tongue ram, color fingerings, multiphonics, use of voice IV-

Daniel Kessner - ...tous les matins... for alto flute (Publisher?) alternate fingerings

Peter Köszenghy - Eclat 03022002 (Ed. Juliane Klein, 2004) for amplified bass flute. 1/4 tones, circular breathing, singing, fluttertongue, air sounds, key clicks harmonics, whistle tones. IV

Mario Lavista - El Pifano (retrato de Monet), solo piccolo (Meridian) 1989.

Lowell Liebermann - Eight Pieces {each movement can be played ad lib on C flute, alto, piccolo or bass flute] (Theodore Presser) key clicks. II

Luca Lombardi - Schattenspiel for bass flute

Klaus-Steffen Mahnkopf, coincidentia oppositorum (1986), alto flute, key clicks, tongue ram, lip pizz, spoken consonances, tongue clicks III+/IV-??

Harold Meltzer - Rumors for flutes(Urban Scrawl Music)
  I. Trapset for alto flute
  II. The Heaven of Animals for C Flute
  III. Focus Group for piccolo
  IV. Bel Canto for bass flute
each movement requires a different set of techniques, including tongue stop,key click, pizz., fluttert., air sounds. requires amplification. III

Frank Michael - Tre Capricci for piccolo, C flute and bass flute. Can be played as solo pieces or as a trio. 1997, (Zimmerman) fluttertongue, 1/4 tones, harmonics, tongue pizz, key clicks, air sounds. III

Aurèle Nicolet, ed. - Pro Musica Nova / Studies for Playing Avant-Garde Music - See Works for Solo Flute

Emmanuel Nunes - Ludi Concertati 1, Bass Flute (Editions Henry Lemoine, 1985)

Olga Neuwirth - Spleen II for bass flute, 1999 (Ricordi) air sounds, overblown sounds, jet whistles, pizzicato, tongue ram, harmonics, timbral - color trills , fluttertongue, multiphonics. IV-

Younghi Pagh-Paan - Rast in einem alten Kloster for bass flute, 1992-4 (Ricordi) glissandi, whistling, key noises, multiphonics, tongue ram. II

Corrado Pasquotti - Danza dell'ottavino da "Madrigali in giardino", vocalizations, pizzicati(1997)

Thierry Pécou - Pour flûte seule, 1992 (Ricordi) for flute, piccolo and alto flute. air sounds, harmonics. III

Paulo Perezzani - L'ombre dell'angelo (alto flute or C flute). (Ricordi) harmonics and timbral trills.III

Paulo Perezzani Vento di rosa fer flauto basso

Goffredo Petrassi - "Souffle" (publ. Suvini Zerboni) solo for flute, alto flute and piccolo. Fluttertongue, air sounds, harmonics, key clicks II+ *SF

Riccardo Piacentini - Amariamori, alto flute

Riccardo Piacentini - Shahar (Aurora), bass flute

Roland Pontinen - Poeme Carmine, flute and alto flute

Mel Powell - Three Madrigals for flute and alto flute(G. Schirmer) fluttert., harmonics. II+

Clotilde Rosa - Variantes - flute and piccolo (Oficiana Musical) one section playing with headjoint only, harmonics, fluttert.,multiphonics, lip pizz., singing and playing. *SF II

Giacinto Scelsi - Quays for alto flute : see Works for Solo Flute

Stefano Scodanibbio - Ritorno a Cartagena, bass flute

Oliver Searle - Mean Tone for bass flute

Michael Smetanin - Nontiscordardime I (Bass flute), II (Piccolo), III (C flute). Movements can be performed separately. See comments in section above. III

Mauricio Sotelo - Del Aura al Suspirar for contrabass flute in G or alto flute. With pre-recorded CD (comes with score)1998 - 2001 (Universal Edition) 1/4 tones, sounds with mouthpiece at different angles, whistle tones, multiphonics, pizz, tongue ram, breath sounds, vocal effects (singing) , whistling. IV-

Karlheinz Stockhausen - "Flautina" solo for flute, alto flute and piccolo (publ. Stockhausen Verlag) see N.B., requires costume, spotlight, amplification. Must be played from memory. Singing and playing, glottis accent (actually a vocal effect), tongue (palatal) click (also doesn't really require the flute. It's like the noise you make when you want to say "giddeyup" to a horse, but louder), "spucken" or spitting - explosive spitting noises with the tongue between the lips while a note is being held. II+ *SF

Karlheinz Stockhausen - "Susani's Echo" for alto flute (Stockhausen Verlag) see N.B. above. This piece requires lighting and costume, and the player remains sitting cross-legged with the back to the audience during performance. Must be played from memory. Optional amplification. Microtones, air noises, "Kissing noises" (yes, it's just what it says it is), speaking (counting in German), lip glissando II*SF

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Zungenspitzentanz for piccolo (Stockhausen Verlag) fluttert., air sounds, timbral notes, speaking, theatrical movements, must be played from memory. III-

Y. Taira - Hierophonie IV- for flute, piccolo, alto and bass flute (Editions Le Rideau Rouge) key clicks, gliss, singing & playing, air noises, fluttertongue, multiphonics. open-hole, C ft. III

Y. Taira - Maya for bass flute solo 1972 (Ed. Rideau Rouge-Durand).

Camillo Togni - Due preludi, piccolo Riccardo Vaglini - Soliloquio delirante sul flauto d’amore, alto flute 1991. continuous microtonal fingerings. Awaiting score.

Trevor Wye, ed. - A Very Easy 20th Century Album (Novello) Includes Sun Shower and Dorset Street by Robert Dick. Multiphonics

Joji Yuasa - Mai Bataraki alto flute

Joji Yuasa - Reigaku alto flute

Joji Yuasa - Terms of Temporal Detailing for bass flute (Schott Japan) 1/4 tones, pizz., tongue ram, air sounds, key clicks, circular breathing singing and playing. IV

Isang Yun - Etudes for solo Flute(s) - no. 1 for C flute, no. 2 for alto flute, no. 3 for bass flute, no. 4 for piccolo, no. 5 for C flute (Bote & Bock) gliss., key clicks, breathy sounds, some multiphonics and singing and playing. *SF III

Isang Yun - Salomo for flute or alto flute (Bote & Bock) 1/4 tones, gliss., fluttert., multiphonic. *SF III-

****** Text Books ******

Pierre-Yves Artaud - Flûtes au présent/Present Day Flutes (Editions Musicales Transatlantiques, Paris, 1980 Distributed in the U.S. by Theodore Presser in the U.K. by U.M.P.) Descriptions of extended techniques, also fingerings for alto and bass flutes.

Robert Dick - The Other Flute - A Performance Manual of Contemporary Techniques, Second Edition (MMB Music) S110002 (ISBN 0-939407-02-7) Regarded as the definitive reference work for flutists and composers. A comprehensive presentation of the flute's sonic possibilities. Includes multiphonics, alternate fingerings, quarter-tones and smaller microtones, natural harmonics, glissandi, whisper tones, percussive sonorities, jet whistles, a discussion of techniques for piccolo, alto and bass flutes, and more.

Robert Dick - Circular Breathing for the Flutist (MMB Music)S110004 (ISBN 0-939407-01-9)

Thomas Howell, - The Avant - Garde Flutist (University of California Press, 1970)

Carin Levine/Christina Mitropoulos-Bott - the Techniques of Flute Playing, (Bärenreiter) Vol. I (2002) C Flute, Vol. II (2004) for piccolo, alto and bass flute with CD.

Andreas Mazur - Das Pars -pro-Toto Spiel, 2003 (Zimmerman) New sounds on parts of the flute, an introduction with CD (ZM33470). Demonstrates sounds using headjoint only or combination of head and foot joints. Photos, etudes included.