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Photo by Janet Sinica

Hello, welcome to my website and BLOG! For the last several decades I have been focusing on contemporary music practices and the poetics of interpretation. My most recent passion has been exploring electronic composition combined with improvisation. Currently, I am flutist of the Cologne-based Ensemble Musikfabrik, coach for our youth ensemble Studio Musikfabrik, and tutor for the Lucerne Festival Academy.

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Event Highlights and Announcements

August 1, 2020 Darmstadt, premiere of Georges Aperghis The Dong for solo piccolo – postponed to August 1, 2021

August 14 – 22, 2020 Lucerne Festival Academy – postponed to August 2021.

September 11 – 13 Barcelona Mixtur Festival Masterclasses – Online

October 28 Masterclass George Mason University – Online

October 30 Essen Philharmonie with Musikfabrik. Premieres by Malika Kishino and Elnaz Seyedi for ensemble and Harry Partch Instruments.

November 1 – 10 Final phase of Composer Collider Europe. What was to be a grand tour will now be a production in Musikfabrik’s Cologne Studio of works from young composers from Thessaloniki, The Hague and Cologne.

December 16,  19:30, Project Gesang | Gesicht for flute, dance and electronics will be aired over social media and available for later viewing.  The democratization of the arts was set in motion over a hundred years ago by Russian futurist leaders such as Velimir Klebnikov. Dancer Carla Jordao, light designer Lea Letzel, sound engineer Timm Roller and I explore Klebnikov’s ideals of sound painting and a universal translogical language through sound and movement. The idealism of a unified humanity should not die.

Not all concerts are listed, so check out our seasonal calendar from Ensemble Musikfabrik.

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Free Stuff!! (more to come, so check back)

For composers, a handy PDF about composing for flute:

Composing for Flute PDF

For flutists, a handout explaining some basic extended techniques:

Extended Techniques PDF

Exercises on harmonics:

Harmonic Studies PDF

Singing and playing exercise based on Reichert:

Reichert Vocalise PDF

Diminished scale exercise:

Diminished Scales PDF

Collection of intonation exercises:

Intonation Exercises PDF

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