Electronic Works


Work for Tromba Marina and electronics for Sara Cubarsi, in-progress 2023.

Horo horo to, an homage to Makiko Gotō for bass koto, alto flute, oboe and electronics (live and samples) with Peter Veale, bass koto and oboe, Score

Lambent Horizons 5 electronic impromptus with Susanne Peters, flutes and vocals

Qisa for Lupophone and electronics with Peter Veale. Experimental score

Scrolling Video Score for Qisa

Time Bomb 3 pieces for contraforte and (live) electronics with Lorelei Dowling, contraforte.

Strange Joy with Florentin Ginot, contrabass and voice

Turbulenz: Ströme with Susanne Peters, bass flute

Solo works and Poetry Settings

Solo Works

Thunder and Lightning for solo piccolo and soundtrack.

Browbeat for flute and electronics based on text by Velimir Khlebnikov Score

Stolen Breath with bass flute and electronics. A tribute to Luigi Nono’s Das Atmende Klarsein

Ruina III: Navy Love for bass flute and soundtrack of synthesizers and Mayakovski’s voice reading his 1915 poem about love and destruction. Not as serious as it sounds.

Poetry Settings:

Erin is for speaking voice, neurally-trained lupophone and sampled contrabass flute. Poem by Jo Richter, lupophone sounds trained on samples by Peter Veale.

The Muse for speaking voice, alto flute and fragments of Anna Akhmatova’s poem “The Muse”

3 Poems by Anne Sexton for speaking voice, various instruments and electronics

3 Tributes to Sun Ra’s Poetry for speaking voice, Moog synthesizer and flutes (work-in-progress)

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