Berio Sequenza Audio Recording and Saunders Bite

Some time ago I posted about recording the Berio Sequenza for Flute. So many other projects have been realized since our session in January 2016 that there has been a large gap between recording and release, but we have made sure the recording is decent. I have only the following reservations: since the idea was to produce a video, I did my best to perform from memory with large takes. While that may make for a better performance, the audio does have some issues of timing; some passages could have been more accurate regarding speed and length, had I been looking at the score. The video has not been issued yet, but I hope that when it comes out it will offset my disquiet. (Although watching oneself opens another can of worms.)

The recording is available through the Musikfabrik Label, which is a digital platform that offers multiple download choices – please browse the catalogue, you might find other recordings that interest you! Here is the link.

My next big recording project will probably not take place until 2019, when I plan to record Rebecca Saunders’ Bite for bass flute. I have performed the piece several times, and have no exclusivity – except for in the Netherlands (Sorry! But the Dutch premiere is scheduled for the Concertgebouw May 2019.). So if you are interested in a massive, expressive, sighing, ranting piece for bass flute with low B, please check it out! But contact me or Rebecca first, because she has made significant changes to the score since my last performance in Berlin (September 2017) which I am not sure Ricordi has published yet.


Preparation – again

For me there are still three levels to gain once you have practiced a piece.

First, you can read it through
Second, you can actually play it
Third, you can start to make music with it

Next week I will play the premiere of Rebecca Saunder’s Bite which is a 15+ minute piece for bass flute solo. If I am lucky, I will reach the third level. Watch this space, I would really like to write about it. I just hope I find time before the year is over.