Ghost Icebreaker

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Pioneer recording “Ghost Icebreaker” is the first to feature
flute and piano in free improvisation, alternating the playful
wizardry of classical flute and piano sounds with ghostly emanations
from the abyss. In seven vignettes, the decade-old duo of Helen
Bledsoe, flutist of Cologne’s Musikfabrik, and St. Petersburg pianist
Alexei Lapin weave a surreal tale of white oranges, the falling sky
and another man’s dusk.
Track listing:

  1.  Snow
  2. The Rising Star of the Falling Sky
  3. Settlement
  4. Ghost Icebreaker
  5. White Oranges
  6. December (One Man’s Day is Another Man’s Dusk)
  7. Into Thin Air

Critics say:

“This is an eye-opening CD, which has much to offer the open-minded listener. The richness of the material means that active listening and multiple hearings are rewarded, and the quality of playing is outstanding from both the performers. Highly recommended.”

Carla Rees, Pan Journal of the British Flute Society June, 2015

“[The] pieces offer an intense, brittle foray into the possibilities of the piano and flute.  If-you-will, a conversation using breath, finger placement, precise dexterity, tuned percussion on black and white keys, scale, melodic fragmentation, enquiry and imagination; what you build up you breakdown, what is broken down is reformed, give and take, backwards and forwards.  Isn’t that what the great Bebop genius Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker was doing as Igor Stravinsky sat in the audience on 52ndStreet cheering him on?  Well, almost.  For me, the real treat in listening to Bledsoe is the tremendous control she has over her instrument, one that is notoriously difficult in all dynamics.  That control gives both her and Lapin a vast pallet for improvisation.”


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