Hans Zender, Lo-Shu I, II, III

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Zender’s music is perhaps not very well-known outside of Germany, but if you are into extreme coloristic works for flute, this is worth your time. His works portray a beautiful entwining of 20th Century timbrally-extended expressionism with evocative non-Western sounds.

Lo-Shu I is a wild piece for 3 flutes, 3 cellos and 3 Percussion.

Lo-Shu II, a.k.a. Mondschrift, is for solo flute. It is a highly expressive piece that makes wonderful use of extended techniques, vocal effects, and cyclical timing.

Lo-Shu III is a concerto for flute and double ensemble. It displays high technical and timbral virtuosity. Here are two short excerpts:

Fono Forum awarded this recording 5 stars for interpretation and recording technique. 


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