Seek It Not With Your Eyes

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“Five facts about this recording:

1. Initially a sax-tuba-piano gig was planned. In truly improvised fashion, the group was extended to a quartet at the last moment, as Roger Turner happened to be in town and agreed to join. Helen Bledsoe sat in for the second set.

2. The recording captures the first live appearance of Alexey Lapin outside of his home country, Russia.

3. The continuity of the music (sequence of the pieces) has been preserved on the recording, and in general very little has been cut.

4. All the pieces have been freely improvised except (2) which is an improvisation based on a composed melody.

5. No animals have been harmed.”-Red Toucan
(Red Toucan, RT 9339)
Track List:
1. per aspera
2. can’t catch the name
3. blur / fanfare for the rational man
4. little ways to perceive the invisible
5. animated beings
Total – 72’28
Helen Bledsoe – flute (4,5)
Alexey Lapin – piano
Melvyn Poore – tuba, euphonium
Matthias Schubert – tenor sax
Roger Turner – percussion
Recorded live at the LOFT (Cologne, Germany)
June 18, 2009
Recorded by Christian Heck
Mixed and mastered by Alexey Lapin
Photos: Alexander Burov
Graphic Design: Marcel Boucher
Artistic Director: Michel Passaretti 


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