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Recorded live in St. Petersburg on a cold winter night, this is the warmest music imaginable. For a spontaneously inventive storyteller Vlady Bystrov and kaleidoscopic pianist Alexey Lapin this is the second album on Leo Records. But here they are augmented by the consummate flutist Helen Bledsoe, the soloist of musikFabrik Koeln, who makes each piece an exhilarating adventure. While the conception is of a post-modern, classical sort, the deep sensibilities for “neue musik” come through Helen’s flutes and Vlady’s clarinets coloured by Alexey’s minimalistic and atmospheric explorations on piano. An exeptionally organic flow that draws you into the stream and keeps you in suspense. Track list:

  1. Credo
  2. the thoughts
  3. the inner spaces
  4. triologue
  5. monologues
  6. north crystal
  7. die versuchung
  8. allegro con brio
  9. melusine
  10. countless refractions

Vlady Bystrov – Bb and alto clarinet, alto sax
Helen Bledsoe – flutes
Alexey Lapin – piano
Recorded live in St. Petersburg, Russia on January 4th, 2013,
mixed and mastered by Alexey Lapin
Design by Uve Mehr / mehr design

Critics say:

“The musicians feed off each others strengths and imaginative powers while tendering a sense of enchantment, even during some of the garrulous movements. Bledsoe’s vast technical faculties are radiantly conveyed.”
All About Jazz
“You keep listening with interest, how moments of real joy, of tenderness and drama alternate as if you are watching life itself expand, expressed and even deepened, all through a great translation of feeling by three artists (Bledsoe, Bystrov, Lapin) who create new musical wordless languages, full of eery beauty.” The Free Jazz Collective 


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