Unplugged Mind

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Available Leo Records (LR 540).

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An international meeting in the Koln studio (Germany/Russia/USA/USA) produced fantastic results to the delight of all concerned. Frank Gratkowski – bass clarinet, Alexey Lapin – piano, Sebastian Gramss – bass, Helen Bledsoe – flute (last track). This recording is a testimony to the fact how far spontaneous composing has travelled. All four musicians come from different cultures and backgrounds, yet they manage to create brilliant spontaneous compositions sacrificing their egos in favour of achieving a sensible whole.

1 Unplugged Mind (9:06)
2 Retain the Aspect (10:40)
3 Turn to (10:47)
4 In Harmony (4:19)
5 Voice Over the … (9:35)
6 Speak Silent (8:15)

Critics say:Wiry, gobbety, firm, belligerent, the density increases on “Voice Over The….” No sonic compression on this one! Just wait for its high volume climax! – All About Jazz 


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