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Hello, welcome to my website and BLOG! For the last several decades I have been focusing on contemporary music practices and the poetics of interpretation. My most recent passion has been exploring electronic composition combined with improvisation. Currently,
I am flutist of the Cologne-based Ensemble Musikfabrik, coach for our youth ensemble Studio Musikfabrik and the European Contemporary Music Workshop (Warsaw), and Guest Faculty at the Lucerne Festival Academy.

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Event Highlights and Announcements 2022

6 July – Jaume Darbre Fa performs my piece Browbeat for flute and electronics. Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona
Mid-August – Release of This Place, for bass flute and multiple audio/video playback by Ole Hubner and Jakob Boeckh
14 and 15 August – Masterclasses and Workshops Lucerne Festival Academy
12 – 14 September – Coaching at European Workshop for Contemporary Music, Warsaw
17 – 18 November – Video production of Georges Aperghis, The Dong for solo piccolo
26 November – Georges Aperghis, The Dong for solo piccolo. WDR Cologne


Not all concerts are listed, so check out our seasonal calendar from
Ensemble Musikfabrik.

Free Stuff!! (more to come, so check back)

For composers, a handy presentation about composing for flute:
Composing for Flute

Cheat-sheet for
notation of extended techniques PDF

For flutists, a handout explaining some basic extended techniques:
Extended Techniques PDF

Diminished scale exercise based on Taffanel Gaubert:
Diminished Scales PDF

Exercises on harmonics:
Harmonic Studies PDF

Singing and playing exercise based on Reichert:
Reichert Vocalise PDF

Collection of intonation exercises:
Intonation Exercises PDF