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Hello, welcome to my website and BLOG! For the last several decades I have been focusing on contemporary music practices and the poetics of interpretation. Lately I have been exploring electronic composition with fixed media, live processing and, very recently, machine learning algorithms. Currently, I am flutist of the Cologne-based Ensemble Musikfabrik, coach for our youth ensemble Studio Musikfabrik and the European Contemporary Music Workshop (Warsaw), guest faculty for the Lucerne Festival Academy, and guest professor for the academic year 2022 – 2023 at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music in Riga

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Free Stuff!! (more to come, so check back)

Here are some free harmonic exercises, and a tutorial to go along. Harmonic Studies PDF

For composers, a handy presentation about composing for flute:
Composing for Flute

Cheat-sheet for
notation of extended techniques PDF

For flutists, a handout explaining some basic extended techniques:
Extended Techniques PDF

Diminished scale exercise based on Taffanel Gaubert:
Diminished Scales PDF

Singing and playing exercise based on Reichert:
Reichert Vocalise PDF

Collection of intonation exercises:
Intonation Exercises PDF

Coming up: March – May: A run of Peter Eötvös’ “Try Sestry” at the Hagen Theater.

17 April: Cologne, Musikfabrik, a very special concert, “Rapid Entanglements” with Owen Green, composer and researcher at the Max Planck Institute, and Carl Rosman, clarinets, vocals and whatever takes his fancy. We might even break out the Harry Partch instruments!

23 – 24 April: Cologne, coaching musicians from the European Contemporary Music Workshop

6 May: Cologne Philharmonie, Yes by Rebecca Saunders with Juliet Fraser as part of the Acht Brücken Festival

14 May: Aarhus, Denmark, Simon Steen-Andersens’ Transit for Tuba, ensemble and live endoscopy (guess who gets to play the endoscope!)

26 June – 2 July: Ticino, Switzerland, IYCO with Oscar Bianchi, Lisa Streich and Clara Ianotti.

6 November: Cologne, Musikfabrik, premiere of Petros Ovsepyan’s “Airs Between” for flute, horn, violin and tape.

Not all projects are listed, so check out more from our seasonal calendar
Ensemble Musikfabrik.

Want a free chart that gives you insight on piccolo vs. flute? Here it is: