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  • Bass Flute ins and outs II – for composers

    Since my last post about composing for bass flute, I’ve taken note of other questions that pop up with regularity. Q: Should I notate the pitches as sounding or transpose up an octave? A: Please transpose them up an octave. Flutists are not used to reading ledger lines below the staff or reading bass clef. […]

  • Low Register: Descending to Paradise

    Countdown: just about one month before my performances (8 in two days!) of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s PARADIES for flute and electronic music. Am I panicking? No. But I have been soundly kicked in the butt. This piece allows for absolutely no technical weaknesses. In addition, I’ve been challenged to really expand my stability, dynamics, and coloristic […]

  • Nono: a Bass Flutist Prepares

    Working on Das atmende Klarsein has provoked a bit of a crisis. Not that I can’t handle a piece for solo bass flute, small choir and live electronics. I eat that stuff for breakfast. Well, ok, I usually wait until after breakfast…. The crisis comes from several directions. One is historical. You wouldn’t think a […]

  • Bass Flute ins and outs – for composers

    Here’s some collected advice on how to compose for the bass flute. Please realize that the bass flute is not a true bass instrument. It won’t honk unless you amplify it or use its third octave. Both can be very effective, but I often wonder why composers don’t take advantage of the beautiful acoustic sound […]