Highlights from my Electroacoustic works on Soundcloud:

The Muse – is for alto flute and modular set-up, based on a fragment of Anna Akhmatova’s poem “The Muse”. I have been interested in setting poetry reading together with acoustic sounds that are electronically extended.

Highlights from my Bandcamp Channel

Time Bomb is a three-part electroacoustic composition for contraforte and (Live) Electronics. Lorelei Dowling, contraforte

Ghost Icebreaker Album of acoustic improvisations with Alexei Lapin on Leo Records:

Highlights from my performance Soundcloud Channel

eyam iii Trio Version by Ann Cleare with Carl Rosman and Hannah Weirich

O Yes & I by Rebecca Saunders with Juliet Fraser, Soprano

 Bridges  by Ali Somay for bass flute, viola and harp

Jüri Reinvere’s Opposite of Thought for solo flute, male voices and speaker

Farzia Fallah, Posht-e Hichestan version for alto flute.