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  • Early Summer

    Hey Folks,it’s been awhile, but now that I have re-couped from early summer projects it’s time for a retrospective. June 18th was a busy day. In preparation for an article for Pan, I visited the Hochschule here in Cologne. What a creepy place! Lovely naked concrete 80’s architecture. Anyway, that aside, had a very interesting […]

  • Thought for the Day

    Here’s the caption in bigger letters:The planet is asleep and it’s the fault of musicianswho are untrue to themselves. – Sun Ra

  • When Inspiration Knocks

    I had this conversation with a student of mine who just graduated. It’s a tough situation for her: suddenly no stimulus of fellow students, no schedule to follow, lack of money, and pressure of entrance auditions for the next degree. As a foreigner, she has no support system and must provide her own stability and […]

  • Recording session 25 Dec

    I like this blog venue, I can publish those funny pictures that are kinda cool, but you just don’t know where to put them. They’re not “official” enough for the website, and certainly don’t belong hanging on my wall. My piano partner Lyosha just sent me the best of our session from 25 Dec. 2008. […]

  • Real-Life Professional

    It’s the first day of a project and you have that tell-tale itchyness in you chest: you know for sure that some damned flu bug has found a temporary home in your warm, moist bronchial passages, just the very ones you rely on to play the flute. My body temp. went down to below 35 […]