When Inspiration Knocks

I had this conversation with a student of mine who just graduated. It’s a tough situation for her: suddenly no stimulus of fellow students, no schedule to follow, lack of money, and pressure of entrance auditions for the next degree. As a foreigner, she has no support system and must provide her own stability and motivation. The result of this is mild depression and reculsiveness. So my pep talk to her included the phrase:”Inspiration doesn’t come knocking at the door, you have to get out and find it”!

I don’t know to what extent this is true. And I don’t think it helped, but we’ll see how she does this month with the auditions.

It is however good that I remember these words for myself. As I mentioned in my last post, my husband needed to kick me out the door to attend a concert of “Plush Music Festival” at the Loft. I’ve been house bound except for the necessary teaching, meetings etc. Missing many good concerts. It was time for some inspiration and I found it! Last night’s concert opened with Simon Nabatov (piano) playing Herbie Nichols. Boy does he rock! And I am sad I don’t play a harmony instrument – what lushness…. And power – the sheer volume of it, but never harsh or grating. On the flip side, the second set featured Hayden Chisholm and his quartet playing original works. I’ve never heard a sax player play so sustainedly quiet. What subtlety and color!

When you leave a concert thinking: “oh dear, I’ve got a lot to learn”, I think you can say it was worthwhile.




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