From the Musikfabrik Digital Label. Follow this link to stream or buy:

  • Georges Aperghis, Triple for flute, clarinet and trumpet
  • Georges Aperghis, The Dong for solo piccolo (video link)
  • Pierre Boulez, Dialogue de l’Ombre Double arranged for flute and bass flute
  • Luciano Berio, Sequenza no. 1 for solo flute
  • Petros Ovsepyan, Precipitate/Reciperated (video link)
  • Rebecca Saunders, Bite for solo bass flute

Pierre Jodlowsky Hyperspeed Disconnected Motions

Mark Barden Veil for two piccolos, with Matteo Cesari

Toshio Hosokawa Birds Fragments III for Sho and Flutes

Emmanuel Nunes Aura for solo flute

Excerpt from Hans Zender’s Lo Shu III, for flute solo and orchestra:

Helena Winkleman’s wonderful piece Vestibula for flute (alto flute, piccolo), clarinet and harp

Ann Cleare eyam iii (if it’s living somewhere outside of you) for solo bass flute shadowed by one low wind instrument and one string instrument

Rebecca Saunders O Yes and I for bass flute and soprano

Farzia Fallah Posht-e Hichestan solo alto flute (or C flute)

Ali Somay Bridges for flute, viola and harp

Juri Reinvere The Opposite of Thought Part III from his Requiem (2009) for Solo Flute, Spoken Word & Four Male Voices