Schönberg Pierrot Lunaire Mondfleck errata

Here is quick reference list of errata in the flute part for those preparing for piccolo auditions or performance. The score and parts are available if you search IMSLP, and the manuscript can be found here.

This movement is palindromic, but there are several inconsistencies which raise questions, and there are discrepancies between the part and the score (I believe I have UE 33794). Examination of the manuscript has settled some of these questions, but perhaps there are more that I have missed. Please feel free to add.

  • Measures 2 and 18 should both have D natural, not D sharp.
  • Bars 7 and 13 should both have F natural, not F sharp.
  • Measure 9, 4th beat: some editions have the A flat C written as 32nd notes, they should be 16ths.
  • Measure 13 has a discrepancy in rhythm between the score and part. If one follows the palindromic principle, the flute part is correct; that is the A flat in bar 13 should correspond to the G sharp in bar 7 and be a 16th note rather than a 32nd. Problematically, the manuscript does not follow the palindromic principle (it shows the A flat in bar 13 as a 32nd note). Is the manuscript wrong? Was the mistake copied to the score and then corrected in the flute part?

It has been suggested to me that this last anomaly might have been to avoid having octave D’s between the piccolo and the piano in bar 13.

Thoughts, anyone? Does anyone have a copy of the latest edition (UE 34806) that they would be willing to show me? I’d be curious if there are any differences.




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