Fast or Schnell

On May 9th 2009 I gave a small workshop in Wulfrath, Germany for amateurs on finger technique. I thought I’d put the link to the PDF hand-out here, although it is also on my website.

Have a look, in English or auf deutsch, and let me know what you think!




2 responses to “Fast or Schnell”

  1. Zara Lawler Avatar

    Cool to see your technique all written out like that.

    I think learning the end first is good for another reason as well: when you are in performance you will always be moving toward the part that has gotten the most attention. When you work from the beginning, then performance can feel like a long path away from your comfort zone. Working from the end helps a performance feel like you are just getting better and better.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    This is wonderful! Your motto of working from the end quickly and from the beginning slowly has literally become my new mantra during my practice sessions. This was so helpful to physically see how you can accurately approach and learn fast passages.

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