The True Range of the C Flute

Back in the USSR, when information was really suppressed, many people were hungry for the truth. Now governments hide the truth from us under a deluge of information. I think composers suffer from this deluge, but it is not a government conspiracy.

The true range of the concert C flute is a matter of public domain, published in text books, on the internet, and God knows where else as a cold, hard fact. It is neither a state secret nor rocket science. Yet why is it ignored?

Sometimes I can understand why. We often work with composers of electronic music who transfer their sound world into “scores” and leave the instrumentation up to us. There are also arrangers who don’t sweat the details of register, and tell me up-front that I am free to choose which size flute I want to use when. That’s cool.

But when that’s not the case, how to bring this issue out from under the deluge information? I considered several options. Swear words, Russell Brand revolutionary rhetoric, sexing-up – what can I do to get your attention?

Here is my first attempt. Download it here as a PDF, or view it here. Suggestions are welcome, but please keep it family-friendly.



4 responses to “The True Range of the C Flute”

  1. Tod Brody Avatar
    Tod Brody

    Brava, Helen…very nicely presented.

    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks, Tod!

  2. Nina Gooch Avatar
    Nina Gooch

    Any note below G on the staff is hard to play very loudly.

    1. admin Avatar

      It’s interesting, I think there are several types of players, those who are at home in the 1st and 2nd octaves, and those who are at home in the 2nd and 3rd. (and the lucky few who are at home in all of them!) If the low notes are giving you grief, check out my posts in the “Low Register” category:

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